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Before you Begin​
​Take a Tour of Your Chromebook​Walk through the main screens you’ll encounter while using your Chromebook
Chromebook How-to Videos
Chromebook Keyboard Shortcuts​Keyboard shortcuts are combinations of keyboard strokes and clicks that you can use to perform specific actions, such as taking a screenshot. Knowing some of the shortcuts listed below can help save you time.



10 Chromebook uses: How Google-powered laptops are enhancing classrooms ​Ten basic ideas for getting started using Chromebooks in the classroom
30 Ways to Use Chromebooks in Schools​Slide show presentation of ideas for Chromebook use in schools
Apps for Elementary Students​A great list of apps from LSR7
Apps for Middle and High School Students​A great list of apps from LSR7
Chromebook FAQs​If you're curious about Chromebooks, check out this list of frequently-asked questions to learn more
Chromebook Proficiency Checklist​Good guide to manage, arrange and direct students work using Chromebooks
Chromebook ResourcesA collection of articles and blog posts on great resources for use with chromebooks ​
Excellent Chromebook Tips and Tricks for Teachers and Educators​A wide variety of tips, apps, and other resources you will definitely need in order to make the best of Chromebooks in your teaching
​Powerful Chromebook Apps for Teachers
Three Powerful Chromebook Tools To Collect Feedback