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Pirate Athletics

Chris Shikles, Athletic & Activities Director


Spring Athletic Schedule

​To participate in athletics during the school year, students and parents must readcomplete, and/or sign the following forms. ​​​​

Cross Country (Boys & Girls)
Head Coach: Blake Bodenhamer
Assistant Coach:  Alex Wendell
Fall Dance Team
Head Coach:   Chelsea Cox
Head Coach: Barry Blank
Assistant Coaches:  Seth Brimer, Chris Ferri, Joe Henke, Steve Hopkins, Kyle Newham, Christian Stock
Football Cheerleading
Head Coach: Abby Arnette
Girls' Golf
Head Coach: Rob Vander Linden
Boys' Soccer
Head Coach:  Kaz James
Assistant Coaches: Alison Brya​r, Rhyder Timmins
Head Coach: Christie Zoeller
Assistant Coach:  Caitlin Holman
Girls' Tennis
Head Coach: Stephanie Green
Assistant Coaches:  Ryan Brimer, Kyle Newham
Head Coach:  Morgan Sprigg
Assistant Coach: Alex Wendell

Basketball Cheerleading
Head Coach: Abby Arnette 
Boys' Basketball
Head Coach: Jesse Oswald
Assistant Coach:  Brock Hill
Freshman Head Coach:  Paul Moore
Girls' Basketball
Head Coach: Jaryt Hunziker
Assistant Coach:  Alexandria Wendell
Winter Dance Team
Head Coach:   Chelsea Cox 
Head Coach: Christian Stock
Assistant Coach:  Kyle Newham  

Head Coach: Fre​d Smith
Assistant Coach: Adam Arnette, Joe Henke, Curtis Walk​
Boys' Golf
Head Coach: Rob Vander Linden
Girls' Soccer
Head Coach:  Kaz James
Assistant Coaches: Alison Brya​r, Rhyder Timmins
Boys' Tennis
Head Coach: Stephanie Green
Assistant Coaches:  Ryan Brimer, Kyle Newham
Track and Field
Boys' Head Coach: Steve Smith
Asst. Coach:  Blake Bodenhamer